Finding the Problem

The problem we decided to look at is how does someone know if there is a T around a certain stop or where it is on a certain line? This is a constant issue because in order to know where the next train/bus is someone needs to go into the actual station to see the time card signs, call customer service, or look online. This can sometimes be a hassle as the schedules can be incorrect due to traffic. The target users for this application would be any inner city commuters who use the various lines and buses on the T.
The solution to this problem that we have in mind is one that allows the user to either select a line/route or a station. The lines would show only one line/route with the stops and where the trains/buses are on that entire route.The station selection would allow the user to see any connected lines or routes to the selected station and if there are buses or trains coming soon. The trains and buses would all be labeled to show what direction they are going and the lines would be colored in order to help differentiate between the various lines. Overall the maps given to the user would just be Google maps with the corresponding line(s) overlaid with the trains and buses being tracked. This would address the problem by allowing people to see where the trains are before even getting to the station. This could allow people time to grab something that they want before going to the station and overall allow people to better time their trip by being able to see where the trains and buses are in real time(or close enough to it). We are considering have the application refresh itself every 30 seconds by default but allowing the user to change this or refresh it by themselves. We are also considering putting in a trip planner but this would just be added functionality to the overall design rather than what we were planning on.

The members of this team are Mark Delvecchio and Matt Mercier. The roles played were that Mark and Matt both were designers. Matt created the site and Mark made further changes to the site before both submitted final approval. Both Mark and Matt were also Business Analysts and decided upon the requirements that we wanted to implement and possible extra requirements that would be interesting to include. Matt took on the role of Web Designer by taking the various ideas that were thought of and posting the final write up on the site.


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