Team Project 7

After receiving feedback from the first rounds of heuristic evaluations we went through and looked at various things in our prototype. The new version can be found at One major issue that we found was there were no train symbols as we had said there would be and there were no times. To rectify this we placed rectangles with a point indicating direction differing between black and white and indicating which was which on the times located below the map. One other concerned that we took care of was the redundancy of a search box that we couldn’t quite get to work the first time around. In order to fix this we removed the search option on every page and replaced it with a logo on the preliminary page. We removed the “Select a” before Station and Line respectively on the home page and moved it above to also reduce redundancy. In order to allow people to get a better feel of how the Google Maps option would look on a small screen we replaced the map on Roxbury Crossing with a working Google Map of the area. However it should be noted that the colored line is removed to provide for this functionality and the ‘trains’ are static and will NOT move. Time has been added below the maps to reflect the next inbound and outbound train on each line and time of arrival. The Red Line map has been split to be more similar to the Green Line maps resulting in a Braintree map and an Ashmont map. Another change is the option to turn on GPS in the Settings menu which results in a notification(It does not stay checked yet and there are more settings to come). Finally we split up how the stations were listed providing lines followed by stations in that line. Overall the evaluations were helpful in finding issues with some of our designs and redundancies. Although there is still much work to be done we look forward to hearing what people have to say about the difference between Google Maps and a static map. Overall the times and placing the ‘trains’ on the maps were the most severe issues we had that were mostly easily rectified. The redundant search bar was not as severe and was extremely easy to remove.  The adding of an interactive Google Map was simple once looked up but may cause issues with not showing the colored line anymore and needing to find a way to rescale the trains everytime there is a zoom in or out. Everything else is purely aesthetic or meant to be more user friendly and is being tooled around with.

Matt played designer by reworked most of the system and interactions  with input from Mark about scope of project and what we were aiming for compared to the evaluations. Mark and Matt both played managers by providing input and guidance to the other whenever one was concerned or had questions. For the evaluations and severity ratings Mark presented Matt with a list of issues and which were most common with Matt marking which ones were the most severe and practical to fix. Mark was the web designer by putting the prototype up online and performing the final writeup on the site.


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